BEN BULBEN   "A Seven Course Dinner"  


Ben Bulben Jörg Alpers: Tin Whistle, Flöte, Blockflöte / Tin Whistle, Concert Flute, Recorder
Philipp Billion: Bass
Manfred Konukiewitz: Geige, Gesang / Fiddle, Vocals
Werner Nitsche: Gitarre, Gesang / Guitar, Vocals
Yvonne Roche-Harth: Gesang, Gitarre, Percussion / Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Ulrich Wosnitza: Flöten, Bodhran, Mandoline, Djembe, Gesang / Whistles, Bodhran, Mandolin, Djembe, Vocals

Gast Musikerin / Guest musician:
Karen Harth: Cello



  1. Monaghan's / Jackson's / Morrison's Jigs  (Trad.)
  2. Hardiman / Swallow's Nest  (Trad.)
  3. Dulaman / Jig Of Slurs  (Trad.)
  4. The Rights Of Man  (Trad.)
  5. Air / Golden Keyboard  (Trad.)
  6. Caledonia  (Dougie MacLean)
  7. Jig / Port an Deorai  (Trad.)
  8. St. Anne's / Far From Home  (Trad.)
  9. Flower Of Magherally  (Trad.)
  10. High Reel / The Wind That Shakes The Barley  (Trad.)
  11. Jug Of Punch  (Trad.)
  12. The Merrily-Kissed-Set  (Trad.)
  13. Bonny Portmore  (Trad.)
  14. Farewell To Ireland  (Trad.)


Total time: 53:43

Liedtexte erhältlich / Lyrics available

Issued 1997

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