DAVE TRAVIS   "5th Folk Album"


Dave Travis Dave Travis: Gesang, Gitarre, Autoharp, Mundharmonika / Vocals, Guitar, Autoharp, Harmonica
Terry Nicholson: Bass, Piano



Side A  (20:33)

  1. Gold Watch & Chain  (Carter)
  2. Cocaine  (Trad.)
  3. Katie Dear  (Travis)
  4. A Storm Came Over The Sea  (Travis)
  5. Rainin' Here This Mornin'  (Trad.)
  6. Bootleg Rag  (Travis)
  7. If Your Man Gets Busted  (Trad.)

Side B  (19:53)

  1. I Can't Be Satisfied  (Travis)
  2. On The Banks Of The Ohio  (Trad.)
  3. Hard Travelling  (Guthrie)
  4. Eyes Of Sherry Wine  (Travis)
  5. One Times Blues  (Trad.)
  6. Love Is Teasing  (Trad.)
  7. Green Back Dollar  (Axton/Ramsey)


Issued 1973

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