IAIN MACKINTOSH  "By Request"   Scotsfolk at its best


Iain Mackintosh Iain Mackintosh: Gesang, Banjo, Dudelsack, Tin Whistle / Vocals, Banjo, Pipes, Tin Whistle
John Giblin: Bass, Gitarre, Steelguitar / Bass, Acoustic & Steel Guitar
Gordon Menzies: Mandoline, Gesang / Mandolin, Vocals
Robin Watson & Alistair Campbell: Gesang / Vocals



Side A  (20:39)

  1. John McLean's March  (Trad./H. Hendersen)
  2. Concertina Medley: The Sea Maiden / Holyroad House  (Trad.)
  3. Annie's Song  (T. Paxton)
  4. Spanish Fandango  (Trad.)
  5. Bantam Cock  (Thackeray)
  6. Mrs. Canatelli  (B. Gallagher/Lyle)
  7. Pipe Tune Selection: The Dark Island / The Bugle Horn  (Trad.)
  8. Old Man's Song  (Ian Campbell)
  9. Chickens  (Trad./I. Mackintosh)

Side B  (22:26)

  1. Jimmy Clay  (Pat Sky)
  2. Terror Time  (E. McColl)
  3. Who Killed Davey Moore  (B. Dylan)
  4. International  (B. Gallagher/Lyle)
  5. Saturday Night  (T. Paxton)
  6. The Glasgow That I Used To Know  (A. McNaughton)
  7. Wildwood Flower-Parody  (Trad./Cheech & Chong)
  8. Three Men From Carntyne  (J. Watt/I. Mackintosh)


Mit Liedtexten & Kommentarbeilage / Additional notes & lyrics enclosed

Rec. 1973, issued 1974

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