SIMPSON PIRIE   "The Great Fiddler From Scotland"


Simpson Pirie Simpson Pirie: Geige / Fiddle (solo)



Side A   (24:55)

  1. My Home  (Pipe March, trad.)
  2. Bonny Banchory  (Scott Skinner)
  3. The Bee's Wing  (Hornpipe)
  4. Pipers Weird  (S.Skinner)
  5. Lerwick Lassies  (Reel, trad.)
  6. Bonny Isle Of Whalsey  (Reel)
  7. Vylafiord  (Reel, trad.)
  8. Fyvie Castle  (S.Skinner)
  9. Lucknow Polka  (Trad.)
  10. Midlothian Pipe Band  (Trad.)
  11. Fangedansen  (Trad.)
  12. Danish Tune  (Trad.)
  13. McPherson's Rant  (Trad.)
  14. Lamb Skinnet  (Jig, trad.)
  15. Farewell To The Creeks  (Jig, trad.)
  16. Lady Nellie Wernyss  (Jig, trad.)
  17. The Hen's March  (Trad.)
  18. Da Merry Boys O' Greenland  (Reel, trad.)
  19. Susan Cooper  (Ronnie Cooper)

Side B  (27:32)

  1. Mackenzie Hay  (S.Skinner)
  2. Spey In A Spate  (S.Skinner)
  3. The Drunken Piper  (March, trad.)
  4. Maggie Cameron  (Reel, trad.)
  5. Devil In The Kitchen  (Reel, trad.)
  6. High Road To Linton  (Reel, trad.)
  7. Lamentation On The Death Of His Brother Donald  (Neil Gow)
  8. Watson's Glass  (Neil Gow)
  9. Lament On The Death Of His Second Wife  (Neil Gow)
  10. The Dean Brig O' Edinburgh  (Archie Allan)
  11. Inverness Gathering  (S.Skinner)
  12. Marquis Of Hunty Farewell  (Will.Marshall)
  13. Earl Grey  (Strathpey, trad.)
  14. The Gladstone  (Reel, trad.)
  15. The Duke Of Fife's Welcome To Deeside  (S.Skinner)
  16. Field Of Bannockburn  (S.Skinner)
  17. Laird Of Drumblair  (S.Skinner)
  18. Deil Amang The Tailors  (S.Skinner)


Mit Notenbeilage und Kommentare / Additional notes & music of some tunes enclosed

Issued 1975

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