IMLACH & MACKINTOSH   "A Man's A Man"   Scottish Songs of War and Peace


Imlach & Mackintosh Hamish Imlach: Gesang, 6-saitige Gitarre, 12-saitige Gitarre / Vocals, 6-string Guitar, 12-String Guitar
Iain Mackintosh: Gesang, Concertina, 5-saitiges Banjo, Dudelsack / Vocals, Concertina, 5-String Banjo, Small Pipes



Side A  (23:18)

  1. A Man's A Man For A' That  (Trad./Burns)
  2. Jamie Foyers  (McColl)
  3. D-Day Dodgers  (Schulze/Henderson)
  4. Parcel Of Rogues  (Trad./Burns)
  5. The Roving Ploughboy  (Trad.)
  6. Wae's Me For Prince Chairlie  (Trad.)
  7. Mc Person's Rant  (Trad.)

Side B  (22:16)

  1. Skye Boat Song  (Trad.)
  2. Betsy Bell  (Trad.)
  3. The Can O' Tea  (McGinn)
  4. I Am A Miller  (Trad.)
  5. Freedom Come All Ye  (Trad./Hendersson)
  6. The Floors O' Forest  (Trad.)
  7. Baron Of Brackley  (Trad.)
  8. Johnny Cope  (Trad.)


Informative Klapphülle & Textheft (inkl. Liedtexten & Glossar) / Gatefold sleeve; booklet with additional notes & lyrics enclosed

Issued 1978

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