MARTYN WYNDHAM-READ   "Ballad Singer"   The Famous Singer of Australian Ballads


Wyndham-Read Martyn Wyndham-Read: Gesang, Gitarre / Vocals, Guitar



Side A  (19:45)

  1. The Broken Down Squatter  (Trad.)
  2. Widgegoara Joe  (Trad.)
  3. The Stockman's Last Bed  (Trad.)
  4. The Old Palmer Song  (Trad.)
  5. Bitter Whaling Ground  (Trad.)
  6. Euabalong Ball  (Trad.)
  7. I Drew My Ship  (Trad.)

Side B  (19:55)

  1. Flash Jack From Gundagai  (Trad.)
  2. Garten Mother's Lullaby  (Trad.)
  3. Dennis O' Reilly  (Trad.)
  4. Ballad Of The Drover  (Trad.)
  5. Lord Franklin  (Trad.)
  6. Last Farewell To Stirling  (Trad.)


Mit Liedtexten, einige Noten & Kommentarbeilage / Additional notes, lyrics & some music enclosed

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