LITTLE BROTHER MONTGOMERY   "Home Again Chicago 1972"


Little Brother Montgomery Eurreal "Little Brother" Montgomery: Gesang, Piano / Vocals, Piano
Jan Montgomery: Gesang / Vocals (A 3; B 2/4/6)



Side A  (22:10)

  1. Lonesome Mama Blues  (Montgomery)
  2. Tremblin' Blues  (Montgomery)
  3. Aggravatin' Papa  (Türk/Robinson)
  4. No Special  (Montgomery)
  5. Jan  (Montgomery)
  6. St. Louis Blues  (Handy)

Side B  (22:00)

  1. Home Again Blues   (Berlin/Akst)
  2. Dangerous Blues  (Montgomery)
  3. Up The Country  (Thomas)
  4. I Was So In Love With You  (Montgomery)
  5. History Of Little Brother  (Montgomery)
  6. After You've Gone  (Craemer/Layton)


Recorded 1972, reissue

*  nur noch in photokopierter Ersatzhülle erhältlich / only available in photocopied sleeve

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