JOHN McCUTCHEON / THE VALLEY PARTNERS   "From Virginia To New England"

AUTOGRAM ALLP-234  (split LP)  *

John McCutcheon / Valley Partners John McCutcheon: Gesang, Geige, Banjo, Gitarre / Vocals, Fiddle, Banjo, Guitar (Side A)
  • The Valley Partners (Side B):
  • Bob Green: Mandoline, Geige, Gesang / Mandolin, Fiddle, Vocals
  • Debbie Fish: Gitarre, Gesang / Guitar, Vocals



Side A  (20:10)

  1. The Blind Fiddler  (Trad.)
  2. Daddy's Billy Goat  (Trad.)
  3. Mole In The Ground  (Trad.)
  4. Deep Settled Peace  (Trad.)
  5. The Orphean Girl  (Trad.)
  6. Mershan Tiddery Airy Ay / Last Indian  (Trad.)

Side B  (21:14)

  1. Fisher's Hornpipe / Whiskey Before Breakfast / Over The Waterfall / Lost Indian  (Trad.)
  2. Black Bayou Rag  (Trad.)
  3. Blue Diamond Mines  (Jean Ritchie)
  4. Swallowtall Jig / Haste To The Wedding  (Trad.)
  5. Fiddler's Waltz  (Trad.)
  6. Sugarfoot Rag / Growing Old Man & Cackling Old Women  (Trad.)
  7. Vandy, Vandy  (Trad.)
  8. St. Anne's Reel  (Trad.)


*  nur noch in photokopierter Ersatzhülle erhältlich / only available in photocopied sleeve

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