TONY MAUDE   "The Hemlock, The Cypress, The Flowers And The Vine"  
The London Singer, Guitarist, Composer & Songwriter


Tony Maude Tony Maude: Gesang, Gitarre / Vocals, Guitar
Paul Millns: Orgel, Piano, Harmonium / Organ, Piano, Harmonium
Mike Piggott: Geige, E-Gitarre, Violin, Electric Guitar
Kevin Stenson: Mundharmonika / Harmonica
Liz Carson: Chorgesang / Backing Vocals



Side A  (18:30)

  1. Eternal Lines  (Maude/Shakespeare)
  2. Winter Coming Down  (Maude)
  3. The House Of Usher  (Maude/Poe) / I Turned My Face Into The Wind  (Cousins)
  4. Another River Song  (Maude)
  5. Emily Has Gone  (Maude)

Side B  (20:00)

  1. Walsingham  (Maude/Raleigh)
  2. The Red Canoe  (Maude)
  3. Come Away Death  (Maude/Shakespeare)
  4. Sredni Vashtar  (Maude/Aki/Maude)
  5. A Bunch Of Rosemary  (Maude)


Mit Liedtexten & Kommentarbeilage / Additional notes & lyrics enclosed

Issued 1980

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