FRANKLIN GEORGE & JOHN SUMMERS   "Traditional Music for Banjo, Fiddle & Bagpipes"   American Oldtime & Stringband Music


Franklin George Franklin George: Geige, Banjo, Dudelsack / Fiddle, Banjo, Bagpipes
John Summers: Geige / Fiddle
Pat Dunford: Banjo, Gitarre / Banjo, Guitar



Side A  (17:00)

  1. Londonderry Hornpipe  (Summers/ George)
  2. Boatsman  (George)
  3. Angeline  (George/Dunford)
  4. Pipe Medley: Wearin' Of The Green All The Way To Galway  (George)
  5. Medley: Wake Up Susan Devil's Dream  (Summers/George/Dunford)
  6. Salt River  (George)
  7. Rickett's Hornpipe  (George)
  8. Teetotaler   (George)

Side B  (18:50)

  1. Old Molly Hare  (George/Dunford)
  2. Pipe Medley II: Ministrel Boy - O' Donnell Abu  (George)
  3. Turkey in The Straw  (George)
  4. Fiddle Collection: Forked Horn Deer  (Summers/George) / Fisher's Hornpipe  (George) / Round Town Girls (Buffalo Gals) / Top Of Cork Road / Arkansas Traveler  (George)
  5. Cumberland Gap  (George)
  6. Nancy Ann  (George)
  7. Grey Eagle   (George)
  8. Mississippi Sawyer   (Summers/ Dunford/George)


Recorded 1966; reissue

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