ADAM O'HENRY   "Fire Over Ons"


Adam O'Henry Fire Adam Augustine Kelly: Gesang, Gitarre, Percussion, Tin Whistle / Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, Penny Whistle
Henry Kelly: Gesang, verschiedene Instrumente / Vocals, different instruments
Juan Paradela, Javier Figueira Dominguez: verschiedene Instrumente / different instruments



  1. Fire over Ons  (Adam Augustine Kelly, Henry Kelly)
  2. Streets Of London  (Ralph McTell)
  3. The Unicorn  (Trad.)
  4. Stand By Me  (The Drifter)
  5. That's Life  (Frank Sinatra)
  6. Scarborough Fair  (Trad.)
  7. Sentimental Journey  (Trad.)
  8. The Band Played Waltzing Mathilda ( Eric Bogle)
  9. Hey, Hey, Hey What About Me  (Trad.)
  10. Love Is A Morning  (Roger Whittacker)


Total time: 35:34

Issued 1995

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