THE CHASTE   "Time Bandits"


The Chaste Claus Korte: Akkordeon, Gitarre, Percussion, Gesang / Accordion, Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Volker Jeckel: Gesang, Gitarre / Vocals, Guitar
Olaf Kuhlmann: Bass
Thomas Senge: Gesang, Percussion, Schlagzeug / Vocals, Percussion, Drums



  1. Close To Me  (The Chaste)
  2. All I Want Is You  (The Chaste)
  3. But You  (The Chaste)
  4. Some Bottles Of Whisky  (The Chaste)
  5. Ships  (The Chaste)
  6. Peaceful Warrior  (The Chaste)
  7. Sometimes  (The Chaste)
  8. If You' re Cryin'  (The Chaste)
  9. The Star Of County Down  (Trad.)
  10. Dragon  (The Chaste)
  11. Winterchild  (The Chaste)
  12. Brown Desease  (The Chaste)


Total time: 50:34

Issued 1996

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