VARIOUS ARTISTS   "Down South"   Louisiana - Mississippi - Alabama - Florida   (1927-41)


Down South
Originalhülle / original sleeve


Up and Down The Mississippi
Aktuelle Hülle / actual sleeve
Richard "Rabbit" Brown: Gesang, Gitarre / Vocals, Guitar
Kid Cole: Gesang, Gitarre / Vocals, Guitar
Robert Johnson: Gesang, Gitarre / Vocals, Guitar
Tommy McClennan: Gesang, Gitarre / Vocals, Guitar
Fiddlin' Joe Martin: Gesang, Mandoline, Waschbrett / Vocals, Mandolin, Washboard
Son House: Gesang / Vocals
Willie Brown : Gitarre / Guitar
Leroy Williams: Mundharmonika / Harmonica
Barefoot Bill: Gesang, Gitarre / Vocals, Guitar
Wiley Barner: Gesang / Vocals
Jimmy Allen: Piano
Will Jennings: Gitarre / Guitar
Clifford Gibson: Gesang, Gitarre / Vocals, Guitar
Jaybird Coleman: Gesang Mundharmonika / Vocals, Harmonica
Tallahassee Tight: Gesang, Gitarre / Vocals, Guitar
Blind Blake: Gesang, Gitarre / Vocals, Guitar
& unbek. Schlagbass & Piano / unkn. Slapbass & Piano (als Begleitinstrumente / as backing instruments on A 6, resp. B 6)
  • Shreveport Home Wreckers:
  • Ed Shaffer: Gesang, Gitarre / Vocals, Guitar
  • Oscar Woods (Possibly): Gitarre / Guitar



Side A

  1. Richard "Rabbit" Brown: Never Let the Same Bee Sting You Twice
  2. Shreveport Home Wreckers: Wreckin' Blues
  3. Kid Cole: Hard Hearted Mama Blues
  4. Kid Cole: Niagara Fall Blues
  5. Robert Johnson: Milkcow's Calf Blues No. 2
  6. Tommy McClennan: Deep Blue Sea Blues
  7. Fiddlin' Joe Martin, Son House, Willie Brown: Fo' Clock Blues
  8. Fiddlin' Joe Martin, Willie Brown, Leroy Williams: Going To Fishing

Side B

  1. Barefoot Bill: Big Rock Jail
  2. Wiley Barner, Jimmy Allen, Will Jennings: If You Want A Good Woman, Get One Long And Tall
  3. Clifford Gibson: Hard-Headed Woman Blues
  4. Clifford Gibson: Levee Camp Moan
  5. Jaybird Coleman: Save Your Money / Let These Women Go
  6. Jaybird Coleman: Man Trouble Blues
  7. Tallahassee Tight: Black Snake
  8. Blind Blake: Depression's Gone From Me Blues


Recorded 1927-41; reissue

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