VARIOUS ARTISTS   "Southern Sanctified Singers"


Southern Sanctified Singers Blind Willie Johnson: Gesang, Gitarre / Vocals, Guitar
Angeline Johnson: Gesang / Vocals (A 1) *
Washington Phillips: Gesang, Dolceola / Vocals, Dolceola
Bozie Sturdivant: Gesang / Vocals
Sam Butler: Gesang, Gitarre / Vocals, Guitar
Rev. Edward W. Clayborn (= The Guitar Evangelist): Gesang, Gitarre / Vocals, Guitar
Arizona Dranes: Gesang, Piano / Vocals, Piano
Blind Willie Davis: Gesang, Gitarre / Vocals, Guitar
Henry "Ragtime Texas" Thomas: Gesang, Gitarre / Vocals, Guitar
Rev. J. C. Burnett: Predigt, Gesang / Sermon, Vocals
Sister Grainger: Gesang / Vocals
Sister Jackson: Gesang / Vocals
Blind Joe Taggart: Gesang, Gitarre / Vocals, Guitar
Emma Taggart: Gesang (Chor B5) / Vocals (chorus B5)
Nugrape Twins: Vokalduo / Vocal Duet
Elder Otis Jones Predigt, Gesang / Sermon, Vocals
& unbek. Orgel (B 3) *, Piano (B 6) *, Gitarren, Zimbeln & Waschbrett (B 8) * / unkn. Organ (B 3) *, Piano (B 6) *, Guitar, Cymbals, & Washboard (B 8) *
      * als Begleitmusiker od. -instrument / as vocal or instrumental backing
  • Memphis Sanctified Singers:
  • Bessie Johnson (= Lucille Bogan): Gesang / Vocals
  • B. Taylor: Gesang / Vocals
  • Sally Sumler: Gesang / Vocals
  • Will Shade: Gitarre / Guitar



Side A

  1. Blind Willie Johnson: Go With Me To That Land
  2. Washington Phillips: A Mother's Last Word To Her Daughter
  3. Memphis Sanctified Singers: The Great Reaping Day
  4. Bozie Sturdivant: I Want My Crown
  5. Sam Butler: Christians Fight On
  6. Rev. Edward W. Clayborn: Your Enemy Cannot Harm You
  7. Arizona Dranes: In That Day
  8. Blind Willie Davis: When The Saints Go Marching In

Side B

  1. Henry "Ragtime Texas" Thomas: Jonah In The Wilderness
  2. Washington Phillips: I've Got The Key To The Kingdom
  3. Rev. J. C. Burnett: Put Your Trust In Jesus
  4. Sam Butler: Heaven Is My View
  5. Blind Joe Taggart: I'll Be Satisfied
  6. Nugrape Twins: There's A City Built Of Mansions
  7. Rev. Edward W. Clayborn: The Gospel Train Is Coming
  8. Elder Otis Jones: Holy Mountain


Recorded 1926-42; reissue

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