REVEREND F. W. McGEE   "Reverend F.W. McGee"   (1927-30)


Rev. McGee F.W. McGee: Predigt, Gesang, Piano / Sermons, Vocals, Piano
Elsa Henry Reid : Gesang / Vocals (backing A 5-7; solo A 8) *
& unbekannte männl. & weibl. Stimmen, Gitarren, Posaune, Tamburin, Schlagbass, Schlagzeug / unknown male & female Vocals, Guitar, Trombone, Tambourine, Slap Bass, Drums (A 1-8; B 1-8) *
      * als Begleitmusiker od. -instrument / as vocal or instrumental backing



Side A

  1. Testifyin' Meetin'  (Trad.)
  2. Holes In Your Pockets  (Trad.)
  3. I Looked Down The Line And I Wondered  (Trad.)
  4. Jesus The Lord Is A Saviour  (Trad.)
  5. Three Ways - Part 1  (Trad.)
  6. Three Ways - Part 2  (Trad.)
  7. Death May Be Your Pay Check  (Trad.)
  8. Sin Is To Blame For It All  (Trad.)

Side B

  1. Jesus The Light Of The World  (Trad.)
  2. He's Got The Whole World In His Hand  (Trad.)
  3. The Half Ain't Never Been Told  (Trad.)
  4. The Scarlet Thread In The Window  (Trad.)
  5. The Crooked Made Straight  (Trad.)
  6. Babylon Is Falling Down  (Trad.)
  7. Rock Of Ages, with Scripture Lesson  (Trad.)
  8. I've Seen The Devil  (Trad.)


Recorded 1927-30; reissue

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