VARIOUS ARTISTS   "Traditional Jazzblues In Rural Churches"   (1928-30)


Trad. Jazz in Rural Churches Rev. D. C. Rice: Gesang / Vocals
Rev. Joe Lenley: Gesang / Vocals
Rev. F. W. McGee: Gesang, Piano / Vocals, Piano
& unbek. Trompete, Posaune, Piano, Schlagbass, Triangel od. Tamburin / unkn. Trumpet, Trombone, Piano, Slapbass, Triangle or Tambourine (A 1-8; B 1) *, Tambourine (A 6) *, Mandolin (B 1) *, Trumpet, Guitar (B 8) *
      * als Begleitmusiker od. -instrument / as vocal or instrumental backing
  • Southern Sanctified Singers:
  • Unbek. Trompete, Piano, Drums, Posaune / Unkn. Trumpet, Piano, Drums, Trombone
  • Texas Jubilee Singers:
  • (wahrsch./prob.) Arizona DranesPiano, Gesang / Piano, Vocals (+ B 6/7)



Side A

  1. Rev. D. C. Rice: I'm In The Battlefield For My Lord
  2. Rev. D. C. Rice: I Will Arise
  3. Rev. D. C. Rice: The Sure Foundation - Part 2
  4. Rev. D. C. Rice: The Wise And The Foolish Virgins
  5. Rev. D. C. Rice: Take My Yoke Upon You
  6. Rev. D. C. Rice: Shall Not A Dog Move His Tongue
  7. Rev. D. C. Rice: Leaving All To Follow Jesus
  8. Rev. D. C. Rice: Lord Keep Me With A Mind

Side B

  1. Rev. D. C. Rice: Come And See
  2. Southern Sanctified Singers: Soon We'll Gather At The River
  3. Southern Sanctified Singers: Where He Leads Me I Will Follow
  4. Texas Jubilee Singers: He's The Lily Of The Valley
  5. Texas Jubilee Singers: He's Coming Soon
  6. Rev. Joe Lenley: Let Us Therefore Come
  7. Rev. Joe Lenley: Lord Who Shall Abide In The Tabernacle
  8. Rev. F. W. McGee: Fiftty Miles Of Elbow Room


Recorded 1928-30; reissue

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